Why do you think philosophy is so unpopular here?
(05-27-2010, 03:07 PM)Pilgrim Wrote: I don't know any specific textbooks (though there should be a "Dummies" book; there is for everything else  :)).  But when it comes to reading actual philosophy, I'd start with Plato's Apology to get a decent grasp of the Socratic method.  After that, maybe Plato's Republic (a lot of his big ideas are in that dialogue).
Starting with Plato is a very good idea, but the Apology will not help you get a grasp of the Socratic method. It's a monologue, for crying out loud! The Socratic method relies fundamentally on dialogue! The Apology is great, and will definitely introduce you to Socrates in a powerful way, but I'd pick one of the so-called "early" dialogues, too, to get a sense of method. I'd recommend in particular the Euthyphro: that will definitely show you what Socrates is up to and how.

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