Why do you think philosophy is so unpopular here?
(05-28-2010, 09:22 AM)Pilgrim Wrote:
(05-27-2010, 05:22 PM)Antonius Block Wrote: Starting with Plato is a very good idea, but the Apology will not help you get a grasp of the Socratic method. It's a monologue, for crying out loud! The Socratic method relies fundamentally on dialogue!  The Apology is great, and will definitely introduce you to Socrates in a powerful way, but I'd pick one of the so-called "early" dialogues, too, to get a sense of method. I'd recommend in particular the Euthyphro: that will definitely show you what Socrates is up to and how.

What I meant was that the Apology explains the "whys" behind Socrates' mission.  Plus, there is a dialogue in the middle of the text when he examines Anytus, one of his accusers.  As for a dialogue itself, Euthyphro is great, as is Crito.
Agreed, Pilgrim.
Plowing through the whole sequence of Socrates trial and death is probably the best way to do things when you're starting out. They're quite dramatic, and cover a range of topics.

Euthyphro -- on the way to the trial
Apology -- at the trial
Crito -- a buddy tries to help Socrates escape from prison
Phaedo -- Socrates dies (plus a bonus look at Plato's theory of the Forms!)

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