Why do you think philosophy is so unpopular here?
How about instead of recommending books we just start somewhere way back and talk about the ideas behind different philosophies, in as simple a way as possible? As someone said, popes have always encouraged people who CAN learn a bit about philosophy to do so, and nowadays that's all of us. It needn't be a specialist thing any more - everyone should be able to get acquainted with the basic gists of things, and everyone probably wants to.

Do people think it would be worth starting a thread that maybe lists some philosophers/ ideas we could start with and just start talking about them without any highbrow stuff? Even just the names of philosophers can scare people away from the get go, but usually their basic idea is pretty easy to get, and is worth understanding.

Eg What idea did ______ put forward back in ________, and what do we think about it, and how does it apply to our lives as Catholics? In some sort of chronological order? Would people be interested?


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