Akin and Father Fessio defend the Scandal Cardinal
The thing is that a lot of people will be mollified by Fessio's dime store analysis of the situation, and they'll keep buying his books.

I really like Ignatius Press.  The quality and the range of books offered is really hard to beat, but Father's antics here make me so disgusted, I don't think I'm ever going to buy another Igatius book ever again.

So, once again, the Sons of Ignatius fall down n the job... abolish that poor excuse for a religious congregation.... please.
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How quickly we forget.  Yes this was in Austria.
Is there a link to the actual Tablet piece?  I couldn't find it.

Schonborn is off his rocker and shouldn't be defended in general, but I'd like to read the original piece.  Fr. Fessio seems to have a few reasonable arguments amongst the un-reasonable ones.

For example:

Quote:“Instead of a morality based on duty, we should work towards a morality based on happiness, [the cardinal] continued.” This is in itself accurate.

This is true, just as in the philosophical sense that we should do things out of love for Christ instead of fear of hell, but the rules don't change.  I think Fr. F is right - assuming the Cdl. meant it philosophically - that the average person would see this as a secular happiness rather than true happiness which is what Plato describes is the goal of men and is found in the Good, which to Catholics would be God and the Beatific Vision.

True freedom, and true happiness, is found in a clear conscience, spiritual peace, etc.  The problem is most people aren't versed in theology or philosophy and live by "if it feels good, do it" kind of happiness.

So, if someone has a link to the original article please post it because I would like to read it.
Thanks for the link to the original article!

(05-12-2010, 11:44 AM)James02 Wrote:
Quote:This is also the context of the Tablet’s statement: “The cardinal also said the Church needed to reconsider its view of re-married divorcees ‘as many people don’t even marry at all any longer’.” This “reconsideration” does not mean a change in the Church’s teaching that a valid marriage is indissoluble, and that someone who is validly married cannot remarry validly. It means that perhaps—but only perhaps, because this is an opinion that does not have the authority of a magisterial pronouncement—the Church should find new ways of leading the weak and confused to the difficult but liberating challenge of Christ’s demands.
  The problem is the word "view".  What "view" should the Church reconsider?  Fessio can't answer.  This is probably the most damning part of Fessio's article.  "Reconsider its view" can not possible mean "find new ways of leading the weak...."  It means allowing people steeped in mortal sin to desecrate the Eucharist.  That is what it means.  Unless Schonborn wishes to correct the quote.

Yeah, we know what view Schonborn has because he has already publicly given it.  It has nothing to do with leading people to Christ's demands, but more seemingly to get a dispensation of sorts to receive the Sacraments.  He said this two years ago:


Quote:Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has said it is essential to "broaden the perspective" of the Church's treatment of remarried divorcees, hinting that he could see circumstances under which they should be allowed to receive Communion, such as if they acknowledged their guilt and attempted to reconcile with family members.

I think Fr. F is playing ignorant on that one at least.  It's clear what "view" Cdl. S has.
Church in the World
Schönborn attacks Sodano and urges reform
Christa Pongratz-Lippitt8 May 2010

The head of the Austrian Church has launched an attack of one of the most senior cardinals in the Vatican, saying that Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals, “deeply wronged” the victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy when he dismissed media reports of the scandal. In a meeting with editors of the main Austrian daily newspapers last week, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, also said the Roman Curia was “urgently in need of reform”, and that lasting gay relationships deserved respect. He reiterated his view that the Church needs to reconsider its position on re-married divorcees.

On Easter Day, Cardinal Sodano called the mounting reports of clerical sex abuse “petty gossip”. This had “deeply wronged the victims”, Cardinal Schönborn said, and he recalled that it was Cardinal Sodano who had prevented Joseph Ratzinger, then a cardinal, from investigating allegations of abuse made against Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer, the previous Archbishop of Vienna, who resigned in disgrace in 1995.

Cardinal Schönborn said that Pope Benedict was “gently” working on reforming the Curia but he had the whole world on his desk, as the cardinal put it, and his way of working and his style of communication did not make it easy to advise him quickly from outside.

Cardinal Schönborn studied under Joseph Ratzinger at Regensburg University and is known to be close to him.
Questioned on the Church’s attitude to homosexuals, the cardinal said: “We should give more consideration to the quality of homosexual relationships,” adding: “A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone chooses to be promiscuous.”

The cardinal also said the Church needed to reconsider its view of re-married divorcees “as many people don’t even marry at all any longer”.

The primary thing to consider should not be the sin, but people’s striving to live according to the commandments, he said. Instead of a morality based on duty, we should work towards a morality based on happiness, he continued.

Cardinal Schönborn said clergy had often primarily protected perpetrators of abuse instead of the victims. “It was said in the Church that we must be able to forgive, but that was a false understanding of compassion,” the cardinal insisted. Since the Groer affair 15 years ago, however, the Austrian Church had appointed an ever-increasing number of lay people, especially women, to investigate abuse cases. However this new openness on the part of the Church was not shared by everyone in the Vatican, he said.

Asked if he thought celibacy was one of the causes of clerical sex abuse, Cardinal Schönborn said he had no answer and psychotherapists were divided on the issue.

Asked how he would rate the Church’s loss of credibility due to the abuse “tsunami” on a scale of 1 to 5, the cardinal said, “In Ireland the situation is catastrophic – almost a 5. In Austria it is dramatic – I’d say a 3.”

The Vatican press spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi, praised the Austrian Church for its openness in dealing with the clerical abuse crisis and told the Austrian daily Kurier on Monday that Cardinal Sodano’s words at Easter were “certainly not the wisest”.
Must have gotten someone's attention.

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