Pro-Abortion Monastery is Dying of the Cancer of Modernism
The President of the American-Cassian  Congregation of Benedictines, Abbot Timothy Kelly O.S.B. is suffering from cancer. He was the Abbot of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota. This of course, raises thoughts as to who will carry on as the old Monks go on to their just reward.

It's interesting that in the last few weeks since the passing away of Father Paul Marx, founder of the pro-Life organization H.L.I., that the current Abbot made a very controversial statement about the infamous "seamless garment" which he insisted mendaciously, was what Father Paul was all about.
Augustine Baker,

I must say that, despite some disagreements with you, I really do appreciate your posts here on this forum. I would like to ask you, however, if the monastery is pro-abort because of the whole seamless garment of life deal or are they really pro-abortion? Sorry for my ignorance it is just that I never heard of this place.
Most of these men could care less about Pro-life stuff, they vote Democrat.

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