Novena to St. Rita, Saint of Impossible Causes
(05-14-2010, 07:20 AM)glgas Wrote: She had an abusive husband, and for the shake of her children and for the shake of the sanctity of the marriage she endured the abuses until the  death of her husband .

and she only married him out of obedience to her parents.  she really wanted to be a nun from an early age.  after her husband was murdered by his enemies and her children both died, she applied for admission to the convent but the augustinian nuns told her they didn't accept widows.  she persevered and they finally accepted her, getting themselves a saint in the process.  she had the stigmata in the form of a wound on her forehead caused by a thorn from Christ's crown of thorns and it was a real trial as it festered and stank horribly.  her body is still incorrupt and has been reported to open its eyes and to levitate to the top of the glass coffin at times.  there were miracles associated with her during her lifetime, too.  truly an amazing saint.


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