Catholic students at secular universities
To paibee:

Upon rereading your post I think I may have overstated the back story of my anecdote a little much without defining my point clearly enough. My point was that I did not come from an extremely traditional background to the extent that I would be shocked by a non-latin mass at college. It was the fact that the univeristy community had adopted such a ridiculous view towards religion in everything from the supposed "religion" classes on the New Testament to the way in which campus Catholics treated their own faith. I wish that someone had warned me for what I was about to get into because it almost cost me my soul. As the OP asked: that's my story.

I do apologize for the lack of clarity in my original reply.
i am now in a secular university where Catholicism is laughed at and mocked by some of the professors i met. I was shown a video just last week for my business history module where the unworldliness of the Church was seen as a big joke, being opposed to wealth creation (surprise surprise). The 2 Catholic student groups here are either liberal novus ordo or conservative, but tradition is still unknown.

I really really wish I can enter the cloister and join the Carmelites now. As much as I detest where I am now, it is the will of my Superiors (and thus God's) that i finish my studies, and I guess I won't want to be anywhere else.

Its true that 18 year olds want to rebel against something. I am 20 and am rebelling against being too restless at the thought that I would graduate only in december 2011 and FINALLY do something useful. Like working as a toilet cleaner (so much for that silly piece of paper, as Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer SSPX said).

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