Foreigner teaching foreign children Catholicism
I currently teach English in a language school here in South Korea. Two days ago, I accidentally left my rosary in my hoodie's pocket (yeah, we're pretty casual here) and it so happened that my students heard the rosary beads "clink" (chink? jingle? tinkle?). It's a very small class in a very small classroom, so they heard it and were immediately curious. They're 4th graders, so there's no appeasing them til they see the mystery item.

I whipped out my rosary and they were all "Oh, I know that. Church. Pray." I said "Yes, this is a Rosary. I'm Catholic." "Christian?" "Yes."

One of my students, a little girl, raised her hand (with a big smile on her face) and said, "I go to temple, teacher." Right then, it dawned to me that this child, among millions of other Koreans, will grow up being Buddhist or some other variety of Eastern religion. Some might find themselves "Christian" as they grow up, but judging by the number of Protestant sects here, they are so lucking out if they end up in the Catholic Church (for each Catholic church I see, there are at least three or four Protestant churches within a quarter of a mile).

My problem is this then... do I share the good news to my students? With the relative language barrier between us, it could even be trickier. Their parents barely speak English and I have no Korean co-worker who is Catholic (some are "Christian," yet they only see that all sects are the same regardless). How should I go about this? :shrug:

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