Foreigner teaching foreign children Catholicism
I live in South Korea as well. I think you don't have to be uncomfortable about sharing your faith with the children, as there is not the anti-religious bias in South Korea, like there is in North America or Europe. As you know Christmas and Budhah's birthday are days off and people are always praying before meals in public etc. Not to mention the die-hard Lutherans that yell on the street, "Believe in Jesus or go to hell!"
(Yes who would ever think Lutherans were that passionate)..
I actually have a small statue of Our Lady on my desk and picture of Our Lord too and no one says anything. In Canada, they would have fired me by now no doubt.
Rather than try and teach religion in class, I would take a different approach. Simply give the children some very fancy and traditional saint holy cards. Especially of Our Lady.
As when I was a child, these pictures have the ability to fascinate young minds and it might plant a seed for exploration later in life.
I think you can get some nice holy cards at the gift shop next to Myeong-dong Cathedral.
Good luck~

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