Change to rules
Based on recent threads and such, and after discussion with Vox, we felt the need to make a new rule, highlighted here:

Quote:No blasphemy, sacrilege, obscenity, prurience, or posts that seem (to the moderators) 1) to promote Church-banned ideologies (Communism, Nazism, socialism, usurious capitalism, Jansenism, religiously-based Zionism, dispensationalism, Noahidism, Freemasonry, racism) or 2) to promote un-Catholic attitudes and acts (vengeance, encouraging unjust wars and violence, Puritanism, misogyny, needlessly offending those who struggle with same sex attractions, needlessly inflammatory language, etc.) or 3) to needlessly expose the forum to undue scrutiny (e.g., by loose talk of insurrection, revolution, civil war, baseless conspiracy theories rather than simple reporting of facts that readers can piece together for themselves, etc.). 4) No discussion of race issues.

I am not amused by the the recent discussions, terms being used, sites linked to, etc.   I am open to rational discussion, but the discussion stopped being rational a while ago and has started having unCatholic and racist tones from all angles.  Some people apparently feel they have the right to talk however they want here.  It isn't so.  If you don't like the rules, either save the discussion for another place, or leave.

The issues of race is no longer an allowed topic.  Threads will be locked and people will be gone who violate this rule.

Thank you.  I appreciate the work that goes into moderating FE.
Thank God...and the UtDeuses.
That is sad those threads were almost always among the most entertaining!
How does ethnicity relate to race?  Like if I want to talk about an Italian temper or Irish brashness or Canadian kerfufflery, is that on the table?
guess im not canuck enough but whats a kifurffily?

Main Entry: ker·fuf·fle
Pronunciation: \kər-ˈfə-fəl\
Function: noun
Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled
Date: 1946
chiefly British : disturbance, fuss
u need to lightin up. i didnt think youd do it. but u did.
So, can we discuss the Jews as a race?

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