Are baby steps acceptable in order to stop sinning or sin less?
The Christian life is a continuing battle against the old man tainted with the effects of original sin. Sin, if it is mortal and even when it is venial, is an offense against the goodness of God, a God who created us out of love.

Now is the acceptable time for conversion of heart. Our Lord wants our hearts today, this very hour, this very second. The approach to stop sinning must be based on the realization that by our sins we take something away from the honour that is due to God. Our Lord throughout the Gospels says "Sin no more" which should bring home to us that we cannot rationalize our life of sin.

With sin we must stop immediately but of course there is the danger of being too harsh on ourselves. Do not get too frustrated with yourself. Lament your sins but do not fall into a despondency or a type of thinking which does not really believe that we can one day start living a life of profound virtue. It can happen, it has happened and it will happen provided you take the means to achieve the end of Christian perfection.

If we are habitually sinning and then we start sinning less it is only because of the grace of God. It is good but it is not the best. 4 mortal sins during the week is better than 20 mortal sins but 1 mortal sin is all it takes to cast ourselves into damnation. Strive for excellence, find the root cause of your sins, avoid the occasions of sins and have a deep prayer life one which is not superficial or mechanical but is grounded in the Truth of the Divine Logos.

Keep fighting the good fight friend. You have many people praying for you.

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