What the Hell's wrong with the USCCB?: USCCB supports Kagan
(05-20-2010, 11:59 AM)Iuvenalis Wrote:
(05-20-2010, 08:40 AM)Magnificat Wrote: I'm going to pray for you, probably more than once.   :pray2:


This kind of post is really deeply disordered -- to take something Christian like prayer for another, the epitome of Christlike charity, and turn it into an insult, a backhanded attack, is so  depraved.

I absolutely hate this kind of post, to bring the holy institution of prayer, our time with God into it....

I'd just as soon you'd have called him names without defiling a Christian practice for your passive-aggressive barb.

So you think it's wrong to pray for someone whose beliefs about his own Church are filtered through a media celebrity?    That's tragic.  Yes, there is a crisis in the Church but there's something fundamentally wrong with letting Glenn Beck be your apologist.    Dawkins doesn't like the Church either.  Will it be him next?  Is Glenn Beck interested in saving The Church?  Is Glenn Beck interested in preserving Tradition? Does he love The Church?  Where's he coming from with his critique?  What is his agenda?  Is it political, financial, or religious?  Or is he just interested in orchestrating frustration and discontent where ever he finds it?  It's one thing to critique modernism, to question the direction that a post-Vatican II Church has taken, but we must at all times remember to do it within our own framework and with great care and reverence.  If this makes me a bad person in your estimation, then so be it.  I'm here about The Church, that's my primary and fundamental concern. 

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