What the Hell's wrong with the USCCB?: USCCB supports Kagan
I'm not trying to get into evaluating Glenn Beck at all, however there is a fallacy of logic at play here. Just because a person (any person, I'm not focusing on Beck) has an agenda, has been proven wrong before, is an idiot, etc. does not mean that every statement that they make is false.

As an example, let's say I think Al Gore is completely wrong on global warming and that he is pushing the climate change agenda whenever he can. If I'm mowing the lawn outside sweating my butt off in 95 degree heat and he walks by and says "Gee, it sure is hot today." I certainly could not object. I might think he is being snarky or attempting to use this example to prove something else, but on it's face his statement is factual and cannot be dismissed based upon his stance on climate.

That having been said, a Catholic should probably not look to base his faith on the words of a Mormon. I would submit that Petertherock was probably not looking to Glenn Beck for spiritual guidance, but instead merely quoting something that he said. Something that I'm guessing many people on this forum would agree with.

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