What the Hell's wrong with the USCCB?: USCCB supports Kagan
(05-20-2010, 02:54 PM)SaintRafael Wrote: I don't waste my time with Glenn Beck. He gets a lot of things right by exposing liberalism and progressivism, waking people up, and getting the socialists angry.
However, he is also a schill for the new world order who is part entertainer hacking his particular ideas, merchandise, and warped Americanist libertarian religion. He is a rabid partisan/ideologue who still retains some neocon ideology combining it with libertarian philosophy.

His solutions are all wrong and since the mainstream media like Fox News/Newscorp. is controlled by the satanic globalists and nwo,  it ensures the complete truth will never be spoken, though they give Beck a bigger leash than most on tv so he can co-opt the movement and anger of Americans back on the sideshow and religion of American politics.  

This is exactly what I meant, only you said it much better than I did. 

I think that nowadays especially, Catholics ought to think really carefully about who they align themselves with philosophically, especially if that person is throwing stones at Mother Church.  In the original post to which I replied, Petertherock said

"Glenn Beck is right. He said the radical left has infiltrated the Catholic Church. He said there is a battle within the Church (something that is not news to any of us) and the battle is between the progressives and the people who take their religion seriously. He said a lot of Bishops probably don't even know what's going on because they are so blind. It's kind of comical that a Mormon knows more about what's going on in the Church then it's leaders do."

I don't think that Glenn Beck knows more about what's going on in the Church than it's leaders do, and I don't think that progressives don't take their religion seriously, and I think that any Catholic who believes that needs prayers because they're in danger of Despair.  Do we have some bad leaders?  Yup.  Are they all bad?  Nope.  Do they know less about the Church than Glenn Beck?  As if.  And Catholics are free to align themselves politically with progressive causes as long as they don't violate Church doctrine, and doing so does not make someone "not serious" about their religion.  I know some progressives who attend TLM and abide by all Church teachings. 

Beck's not criticizing the Church out of love, and he's probably not even that well informed about it.    He's just using buzz words and pressing buttons to further his own ends which = ad revenue, book sales, etc.  Funny how to hear him tell it there's only one savior, and that's Glenn Beck.  I find it outrageous that people think this is OK.  Aren't you tired of being used?


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