What the Hell's wrong with the USCCB?: USCCB supports Kagan
Quote: I don't think that Glenn Beck knows more about what's going on in the Church than it's leaders do,
Really?  Even with the CCHD?  Beck is right on certain issues, and on those issues he is much more informed than most bishops.
Quote: and I don't think that progressives don't take their religion seriously, and I think that any Catholic who believes that needs prayers because they're in danger of Despair. 
Progressives take their religion very seriously.  It just isn't the Catholic religion.  Fr. Pfleger (sp?) takes his religion very seriously.  He gave up the Faith a long time ago.  He is a quintessential progressive.  Recognizing this does not lead to despair.  Why would it?
Quote: Do we have some bad leaders?  Yup.  Are they all bad?  Nope. 
Cheap straw man rhetoric.  At issue ARE the bad leaders, and Beck's insight on how they think, and how they operate, especially how the various groups are connected.  His solutions contain errors, though getting back to Constitutional principles, i.e. subsidiarity, is spot on.
Quote:  And Catholics are free to align themselves politically with progressive causes as long as they don't violate Church doctrine, and doing so does not make someone "not serious" about their religion.  I know some progressives who attend TLM and abide by all Church teachings.
If they embrace the Church teaching on subsidiarity, then they are no longer progressive.  I would bet your definition of progressive rejects this teaching.  For example, Obamacare is in clear violation of Catholic social teaching.

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