Warning to those Kansas City Fishies
(05-22-2010, 12:18 PM)libby Wrote: ... I may be descending on your city in the near future.... :o

A friend of mine is having her Silver Jubilee as a  Discalced Carmelite in South Dakota in July, and I'm going - Joamy? are you in South or North Dakota?

anyhoo... I'm going to look on a map and see if I need to go through Kansas City - pretty sure I do...

if so, does anyone want to meet up?

I'm not even asking WRC, because that's a given...if I have to hunt him down, I will - I'm bringing something from Georgia that will make him see the light...

...real barbecue.


yeah, that's right.

I'm in North Dakota, but where is your friend at?  It wouldn't probably take me all that long to get there... .   

Would it by any chance be in Alexandria, SD... I wrote to them about 5 years ago when I was in RCIA - received a lovely letter of encouragement.  :)

Wonder if I'd have to  go to Kansas City for the  BBQ ?

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