Washington set to ordain its first Catholic "womanPriest"
I would feel sad for anyone that uses the name Catholic for such stupid antics. We all know that there can never be a woman priest. The sacraleges they incur are unfortunate but real.

The sad part is in there ridicule and sacrelige against the real church they wound non catholics who do not know that this is just crazy Catholic haters bashing the Church. The same is true of homosexuals and others who are always attacking the Church we are the only thing that tells the truth and they hate us for it. Their greatest hatred of the Catholic Church is their knowledge that they only gain God's wrath by trying to recieve the sacraments. Of course I am only talking about homosexuals that know the church and still want to practice homosexuality forcing them to reject the Church. I am not sure if they understand that in rejecting the Church to practice sin is really a complete rejection of God and His Salvation.

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