NO nuns turn convent into massage parlor...LOL
That's right glgas, great analogy there.

Boy, you modernists really have some compelling arguments!

How did the Catholic Church get through 1960 years without nuns offering "holistic therapies"?
glgas, Do you see nothing wrong with a nun, who is supposed to be a bride of Christ, bathing a grown man? Do you really think it's appropriate to compare what these nuns are doing with the honor that St. Mary Magdalene paid to our Lord? Sorry, but not similar at all.
(05-25-2010, 05:54 AM)glgas Wrote: Similar to the scandal when a highly religious Jewish man let a prostitute to wash his feet and dry it with her hair.

well, nuns massaging men have a sexual connotation that was obviously missing when Magdalene came repentant to Our Lord. Don't tell me you have nothing negative to say against such a ghastly idea? What a silly comparison

Yes, Our Lord puts up with a lot of crap from this world.
This is so sick, I don't see how anyone could see this as being ok ???
One thing I will say is that I was very surprised to see the nuns in habits, most of them rejected habits a long time ago. Although, what's the point of wearing a habit if you're giving the rub down to a bunch of naked fogies :laughing:
(05-25-2010, 07:24 AM)RalphKramden Wrote: Although, what's the point of wearing a habit if you're giving the rub down to a bunch of naked fogies :laughing:

Marketing.  It helps sell the service.

If they didn't look like nuns, then it would be less attractive to the mixed-up sickos who go there.
(05-25-2010, 04:39 AM)ggreg Wrote: God puts up with a lot of shit. 

I'm tempted to make this my sig.  It really says it all, doesn't it?
Are you "in communion" with these folk?

I'm not.
id be more upset if these were catholic nuns. but
the new church and notard nuns arnt catholic

The NO is nothing but a comical farce.
Health spas like this are prevalent in that part of Europe and would be seen as an extension of hospitals.  I can't accuse these nuns of doing anything untoward without also accusing monks who sustain their monasteries by making beer and liquor. 

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