Acton Institute criticizes USCCB's lack of focus on subsidiarity

And I'll add, the problem today is not people taking subsidiarity to an extreme; the problem is some strange group that calls itself the USCCB pretending to speak for the Catholic Church while completely  ignoring subsidiarity, nay openly opposing it.
Forget the "word" nothing is handled at the lowest level. And the Progressives or Liberals or Modernists have you all convinced that it is bad, bad, bad.
Here's the deal the Federal Government as we have it should be demolished. period,
I will see if ggreg will allow you into the club.  It requires walking around with a sign: "God's Wrath is Glorious".  I think he is busy in Paris at the moment brawling with sodomites.  After he gets out of jail, I am sure he'll sign you up.

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