What's on your menu for Memorial Day?
I've got some flat iron steaks that I'll be marinating in a chimichurri sauce, then they'll be grilled and topped with some crumbled gorgonzola mixed with a little cream.  I haven't decided what the sides will be, but I've got some fresh asparagus, so I'll probably saute that (after blanching) with some crumbled bacon and a little balsamic vinegar.  Some potatoes would be good, but I'll have to go to the grocery store for some, since I'm out.
Dessert:  biscuit pudding with a bourbon-cream sauce.


What's on your menu?
It isn't a special day for me food-wise, but I'll probably eat:

* Two or four baked potatoes with olive oil
* A personal form of "khichdi" (rice, lentils, spices), but I plan on adding some peas and some other things. I'm trying to devise a very healthy and easy to prepare single course meal which can be reheated.
* Water

I had grits with honey an hour ago or so.
Rain.  Dash it all.  Won't be a grilled burger or bratwurst in sight.
We're supposed to get some rain, too.  I'm grilling anyway.
I think we are having bratwurst for lunch, then will be a frozen dinner since I have to work this afternoon.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  Maybe get a little crazy and have some doritos with it, who knows, depends on how feisty I'm feeling at that time.
Let me go outside and see....the whole thing was put together whilst I slept.
Threw this together at the last minute:

Pork sirloin steaks, marinated in mustard vinaigrette, grilled, and then simmered in carolina style bbq sauce
Zummo sausages, grilled, and then simmered in mustard vinaigrette/carolina style bbq sauce
Spicy Rice Pilaf (Tony Cacere's Dirty rice mix without the dirty.. it was on hand)
Refried beans, traditional style (yes, with lard  :P )
Plain ole' lay's potato chips
Shiner Bock
I had the late shift at work today, so it was Chinese food.  :dunce:
OK so it was simple....charcol grilled hot dogs and brats (cheapos...more like larger hot dogs) chips of various kinds and sodas....still it was good.


Johnny Caspar: -- What you mean, he's eatin' too much?  What's the goddamn doctor know?
Johnny Caspar: -- What you eat for lunch?

Casper's 10 yo son:  -- A hot dog.

Johnny Caspar:: -- Just a hot dog?

Casper's 10 yo son:  -- A hot dog and mustard.

Johnny Caspar:: -- A hot dog and mustard.  You hear that, Dane?  My kid is as smart as a whip.  Even Uncle Eddie thinks that's funny.


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