Cunctas haereses sola interemisti
In textual context: Blessed Maiden, whose glory the falsehoods of the heretics so insolently assailed, and to whom it hath been granted to trample down every heresy throughout the whole earth.

For historical context read the exposition (Lesson 4 ff) of Holy Rosary (10-07). Blessed Dominics started to pray the Rosary, and with the elp of the Blessed Virgin and the King of France trampled down the Albigenses (in a quite bloody war, forcing the members to marry and settle down far away from each other). After this for 200 years there were no significant hearses.

The topic sentence is an antiphon of the Matins on the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin. When I'd read that todat I asked myself: Do I believe that the Blessed Virgin  trampled down all the heresies, and the only problem is that we do not pray enough Rosary?

In my point of wiev those who believe this pray the Rosary, instead of sending messages to this group, whose main attention is bashing the pope, the bishops, the Church, the New Mass, and not how to pray the Rosary devotely.

What do you believe?  Did the Blessed Virgin trampled down all heresies? All we have to do, is to pray the Rosary?

As I remember, during Vatican II there was a strong motion to declare the Blessed Virgin as co-redemptor.  It was pushed by the Jews and their friend as leading the way to the declaration that the Jewish Nation is co-redemptor: God chose them to be primary stewards to the coming Messias, and God's choice is eternal and unchangeable.

My education pointed out that Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ is the Redemptor, the Jews as Nation failed to recognize their time, and the Holy Virging was prevented by special divine action (Immaculate Conception) from the failure, her 'fiat' is the result of that pre-selection and only secondarily her own merit. 

What do you think.
I think her Immaculate Conception and her fiat made her unique. From these flow Co-redemptrtix. As you point out this was not her doing, but her ascent in her fiat made her a partner though not equal to Jesus' suffering. She did not redeem the world. Jesus Christ died for our sins in the excruciating pain of the Passion and ultimately his death on the Cross, which saved us.  I think this is very tricky because in  English the word Co-redemptrix includes in it's meaning; that she shared some responsibility in some active way, as if she were divine also, and worthy to make the sacrifice. What it means I have been told is her fiat allowed God to proceed with His Life, Death, Resurrection, and Redemption of the human race, for this is how she shares in the title Co-redemptrix. Others here probably know more and can explain it better so please do, and where I'm confused explain it more clearly. Co-redemtrix and Mediatrix of Grace are old titles for the BMV, and I have been told and these titles are not new.

If the Jews were behind this for some nefarious reason I do not know. I know this they have not given up on screwing around with the Church until this moment. She is our failed race's singular boast, she will crush all heresies, and it has not happened yet, the modernists are next on her plate.
Genesis speaks of her doing it, and her Son has made it so.

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