Why the heck are there Academic Requirements for Orders like Franciscans?
In the traditional times education requirement was set only for priest.
It depends on whether you plan on being a Brother or Priest. Priests must have proper academic training. And Brothers? Well even the Brothers need solid literacy in order to live communally.  If an Order requires that you have a Bachelors degree prior to entering, it is because they plan on Ordaining you, and they probably don't have the means of paying for you to get an undergrad degree before going on to get your masters.
(06-01-2010, 02:25 AM)St.Ambrose Wrote: Yeah I totally need a Masters in Business degree to go feed the Hungry
Oh,I can't clothes the needy because I didn't take a Yale Course?
OOOOooo,surely praying requires some degree of Divinity (Pun!)
Maybe I will make more money.......................T.T See my point?

Why do orders like franciscans need Academic requirements?
    I wonder if the Apostles had a college educations or St. Francis of Assisi?  I agree with you wholeheartedly.  I got turned down by the Franciscans when applied to them right before I graduated high school.  I could never understand why you would have to be a scholar in order to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.
If i remember correctly it was a bunch of highly educated men who met at Vatican 2 who ruined the church. A traditional priest recently told me that what happened after Vatican 2 was a lack of humility on the part of teaching priests, where before Vatican 2 they would spend a period teaching at a university then the order sent them to work in a poor area of the world. Since vatican 2 they want to be recognized as academics and demand that they remain at the university their entire lives. The humility is gone from these guys and gals too, no wonder they lost their faith also and teach like secular atheists.
I once asked a certain order why a college degree was needed (I believe it was the Capuchins) and the brother told me "If someone questions you about the faith what are you going to tell them if you don't have an education." I should have asked him if Jesus had a college education. But I figured if this was their attitude I didn't want to be anywhere near that order.

Well, asking for a high school diploma isn't exactly demanding only scholars apply! And I'd like to point out that the medicant orders, like the Dominicans, also had St Albert the Great and St Thomas Aquinas in their ranks.
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Requirements differ from Order to Order and, as was mentioned, if one desires to be a brother or go on to seminary.  But certainly one should be able to find an Order that accepts young people out of high school; there are convents that do as well.

My spiritual father entered Franciscan life out of high school. Later the vocation to the priesthood was discerned but he was a happy brother for some years.

There are so many differences!  Many Orders will only accept people in perfect health. And others welcome those who suffer, realizing that suffering offered can be powerful prayer.

Yes, there are some Orders with the heavy emphasis on education. But certainly not all.  But I know the search can be long and tiring.  Do not give up! Plus you also need, if you are looking at Orders, to discover your particular leaning and charism as they all have a different focus.  Lots of prayer and time in adoration are needed!  And your rosary close at hand.  And then there is also the discernment between diocesan priesthood and religious life if the vocation is felt to be to the priesthood.

As far as Franciscans go, St. Francis himself was not exactly a promoter of higher education.  He wished for things to be simple. Yet some of the most brilliant theologians have come from the Order including three Doctors of the Church.  But as I follow the Franciscan saints and blesseds closely, the VAST majority were not highly educated at all.  God has been known to infuse those gifts of holy knowledge when needed as well.

Our dear St. John Vianney barely made it through seminary and he is the patron of priests. St. Joseph of Cupertino also was known to be downright stupid. I would like to be as 'stupid' as him!  He could only manage to memorize one passage from the Gospel and when quizzed on his biblical knowledge, wouldn't you know it, that was the passage he was asked for!  If God wants it, it will happen!  Non education is not a bar to holiness for sure.

ps--even my archdiocese does accept candidates for the priesthood right out of high school.
Get a High School diploma. That is not asking too much.

Even the Institute of Christ the King, a very "academic" order, only requires a high school diploma as far as education is concerned. It is not a way of seeing if you are academic or educated, but knowing that you have finished the basics.
Well,sure.Ok,A high school diploma isn't much,heck I could get one of those,and i'm stupid.haha.

well,it just amazes me that one would need degrees,as if it was some elitist club.High School ok I get,but College?To much in my book,to be a priest sure,a priest should know more,expecially in matters of theology,but a brother?

I am starting to think it is being seen more as a club or a job then a God-given gift of grace.

Sigh,as you can see from a few previous posts,there are quite a few who know what I mean.

You got turned down?Man that SUCKS. :(

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