So what is the theological level of the doctrine of limbo?
Original sin was paid for in Christs blood, even in Mary. It has no baring in whether un baptised children get to heaven. It wasnt some kind of inside deal God made with Mary, that would be unjust if unbaptized baby's dont get the same deal. Mary was to be the Mother of God, a one off celestial event. Babies conceived in sin still need to be baptized or they are still in the sin of adam . Cold hearted NO, Gods ways are not our ways.
According to his Major Synopsis, Tanquerey states:
"God hath prepared to little ones to those who die in the bosom of mother 's side, before they can be baptized, in the middle of itself sufficient for salvation. ...
"Others have said that these the desire of the baptism of the little children to be saved or act of charity, elicited a moment by which the soul begins to be separated from the body; but that would be a miracle which cannot be proven.
"There remains, therefore, that we may say these infants in an inlet of the some to go down and there I have been a natural happiness" (vol. III, sec. 229-30, pp. 166-7: Google Translate).

The original Latin:
Deus paravit parvulis etiam iis qui in sinu materno moriuntur antequam baptizari possint, media ex se sufficientia ad salutem. Ita communiter.
Alii dixerunt hos infantes salvari baptismo desiderii seu actu caritatis elicito momento quo anima incipit a corpore separari; sed hoc esset miraculum quod probari nequit.
Remanet igitur ut dicamus hos infantes in limbum descendere ibique aliqua beatitudine naturali fui.

You are correct, Leo XIII restored a number of passages which St. Pius V had expunged.  See:
St. Bernard actually argued that infants cried out for God and desired Him in an analogous way as they cried out and desired their mother. It's kind of the inverse of what St. Augustine argued in relation to original sin--that their innocence was in the body, not the mind (that babies could be envious, etc.) and their crying and struggling was evidence of this. Anyway, St. Bernard also theorized about vicarious faith, similarly to Cajetan.


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