Canonization of St. Maria Goretti
Found this in a July 17, 1950 edition of Life Magazine. Very interesting pictures! (The article below is an image file...)

[Image: stmariagoretti.jpg]
Interesting. Thanks for posting it.

this is great, Vox.  St. Maria Goretti was a truly pious young girl, to forgive her attacker as she was dying and to say she wanted him to be in Heaven.  we should ask for her intercession to put an end to sexual crimes against children by priests and others.  i don't know what her patronage(s) are, will have to look it up.

it sure takes me back to see Venerable Pius XII in the sedilla.  i hope to see him canonized before i die, and his beatification should be next year at the latest.  let the haters talk; he saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives during WWII, even hiding them in the Vatican, which put him in danger.  he's also the only pope to whom Mary and Jesus appeared.  of course, he may need more verified miracles.  ::)

we americans lost a lot when Life folded.  so many classic photos were in it.  perhaps the world lost a lot; i'm not sure about its international circulation.  the world was so much bigger then, in the sense that making a long distance call within the US was considered too expensive to do on more than special occasions and calling overseas was considered even more expensive and done even more rarely. 

my father's ship was in Naples in 1964-65 and i'm not sure that he and my mother ever talked by phone the whole time he was gone.  if they did, it was rare and we kids didn't get to talk to him, because of the cost of an overseas call.  people wrote letters back then, overseas letters on the special super-thin overseas air mail stationery; you wrote a letter, writing small, on one side, and then it folded into its own envelope, keeping the weight and cost down.


i just had to look this up and post it again, though everyone may have seen it already.

Rome, Italy, Jan 19, 2010 / 12:21 pm (CNA).- Some details of the case under investigation regarding a possible miracle attributed to Venerable Pope Pius XII have been made public.  The story features not just one former Pontiff, but two.

On Tuesday morning, Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli published an article in Il Giornale describing at length the situation which "mysteriously involves" John Paul II.

Tornielli reported that this case was brought to the attention of Benedict XVI shortly before he approved a measure on Dec. 19, 2009 venerating Pope Pius XII's life of "heroic virtue," whose cause had been on-hold for the previous two years.

In 2005, a teacher of 31 years of age was expecting her third child in the city of Castellammare di Stabia.  She began to have strong pains, which after many tests and a biopsy, signaled the presence of Burkitt's lymphoma.  The condition is typified by swollen lymph nodes, often starting in the abdominal region, and the cancer can spread to bone marrow and spinal fluid.  Not only was her health in danger, but that of her unborn child was also threatened.

The woman's husband first prayed for the intercession Pope John Paul II, who was then only recently buried in the crypt of St. Peter's.  It wasn't long before the Holy Father appeared to the woman's husband in a dream.  The spouse described to Tornielli what he saw that night, "He had a serious face.  He said to me, 'I can't do anything, you must pray to this other priest...'  He showed me the image of a thin, tall, lean priest.  I didn't recognize him; I didn't know who he might be."

Several days passed before he, "by chance," came across a picture of Pope Pius XII in a magazine and recognized him as the man John Paul II had shown him in the dream.

The man wasted no time in bombarding Pius XII with prayers for his wife's healing and following her very first treatments she was declared free of the cancer, the tumor had disappeared.  In fact, she was cured so quickly that her doctors pondered the notion that they may have originally misdiagnosed the pathology.

The tests and charts were reconsulted and the initial diagnosis was confirmed.

In the absence of the tumor, she had her baby and returned to work.  After some time had gone by, she decided to contact the Vatican regarding her experience.

more at the site

i know that the man had a dream about JPII and some may discredit his account of that but St. Joseph had some very prophetic dreams so that's how God communicates sometimes. 

and the fact is that the man prayed to Pius XII and his wife's cancer disappeared after her very first treatment, disappeared so quickly that her doctors rechecked the test results thinking they may have misdiagnosed her.  five years later, she's still well.

mother teresa was beatified on an account of a cure which the patient's doctors have since said was caused by treatment, not a miracle, and JP II was beatified for curing a nun's Parkinson disease but, if i recall correctly, the disease has returned so it wasn't cured.  it seems that not only were the beatifications rushed but the fact-checking wasn't top-notch.  Pius XII's cause has been slowed by opposition from people outside the Church who believe, and spread, lies about him.  of the three, i would think Pius XII to be most likely to be in Heaven.  i'm not saying the others aren't there, just that i think they could still be in purgatory, given that we all are sinners and their deaths were far more recent, only 5 years ago for JP II, 13 for Mother Teresa.  Venerable Pius has had 52 years to be purified.

i'm praying for his beatification to come soon and his canonization not long after, assuming that this is God's will, of course.

Sweet thanks for posting. She is a great Saint. I love the adds. Imagine an alarm Clock you can take with you! and a Sunbeam hedge trimmer. We have one of those from my Grandparents old second hand store it still worked up until about 5 years ago. Dont make things like they used to.
I can play the ukulele?!  Awesome!
I concur, thank you for posting.  Can you imagine an article like that in a secular magazine now?
(06-02-2010, 11:27 PM)HotRod Wrote: I concur, thank you for posting.  Can you imagine an article like that in a secular magazine now?

JP2 probably killed that one for a while.  There's no way that the press could have kept up with the John Paul Canonization Factory; now the press probably figures that every 5th Catholic is bound for sainthood.
(06-02-2010, 10:58 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: I can play the ukulele?!  Awesome!

I'm also shocked to learn that my dog is not a fan of fleas.  :P

In seriousness, it's a great article.  I love St. Maria, and have directed my students at church toward a devotion to her.  Thanks to Vox for posting.
Where did you get this, Vox? That's gold.

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