Bishop Muller of Augsburg Decries SSPX Ordinations, Again
I know the NO has no upper age fact they have seminaries specifically for older candidates...the name of this seminary will cause most to cringe...

Blessed John XXIII National Seminary is a theological institution uniquely dedicated to the preparation of seminarians 30 to 60 years of age responding to a call to priestly ministry. If you believe you have received a calling, we suggest you talk with the Vocation Director of the diocese where you wish to serve. Collaboration between the sponsoring diocese or religious community and the Seminary is an integral part of the admissions process. It is our practice to begin the admissions process only after a candidate has sponsorship from a diocese or religious order. Your pastor may also be available to provide support and guidance as you begin to discern your calling.

Admissions Inquiry - Should you be interested in information about our Priestly Formation Program you may request that brochures and a catalog be sent to you.  These should answer many of your questions.  Click on Request Information to contact us.


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