"On the Benefit of Christ's Death"
There was a Reformation/Counter-Reformation era treatise that circulated in Italy in the circa-1540's entitled: "The Benefit of Christ's Death;" it was favoured and backed by several cardinals, but lauded and encouraged by some in the reformist camp: it leaned toward's salvation by "faith alone." Just how precisely the treastise defined "faith alone" or whether this conceptualisation was agreeable to Catholic belief, being properly understood, as some Catholic [the Spirituali] saw it in in permissible light; whereas it may have been pro-reformists or pro-Protestant.

My Question is thus: Is the work: "The Benefit of Christ's Death" perpetuated and circulated by the Spirituali faction of the church during the Reformation-era, orthodox OR is it heretical?

I am not certain; I haven't a clue. 

Your thoughts, opinions, or informations  appertaining to this work or the "Spirituali" in general is most appreciated.
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