The Bishop Williamson Poetry Thread
Just a bit of fun. We all know Bishop Williamson loves poetry, so how about a thread for poems in honour of or about him? He'd probably like it.

Do the words of Bishop W
Inspire, repel, amuse or trouble you?
Is he great or small? Why? Why not?
Does he mean a lot, or not a jot?
Do you think his views sublime or scandalous?
A holy alarm clock, or a somnambulist?
Is he a sinner, a saint or sage?
A hero or villain of our age?
Let the Muse within you utter
"This man is great!" or "This man is a nutter!"
Weave waves of words! Serene or tossed!
(But please don't mention the Holocaust.)       
Just wanted to let you know...pretty well done.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I was trying to come up with a parody of the Do Ray Me song from SOM, but so far inspiration is lacking.

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