Fr. Z Has a Wonderful Photo and Article About Corpus Christi Processions

a must-see, must-read

scroll down, look for

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by which time you should see the photo with Swiss Guards, but not the Pope.  but His Holiness is shown in the same article, in adoration before a monstrance.

here's a teaser from the article:

"I have heard from many places that the customs of Corpus Christi processions, Forty Hours Devotion, and Eucharistic Adoration are returning in force.  People want and need these things.  They help us to be better Catholic Christians through contact with Christ.  The bad old days of post-Conciliar denigration of these necessary practices lingers a bit but the aging-hippie priests and liturgists are losing ground under the two-fold pincer of common sense and a genuine Catholic love of Jesus. 

In the seminary I attended in the 1980’s we were informed with a superior sneer towards those quaint old processions and devotions that, “Jesus said ‘Take and eat, not sit and look!’” 

Somehow, “looking” was opposed to “receiving”. 

This is the same error, I think, inherent in the puzzling idea that if people aren’t constantly singing or carrying stuff during Mass they are not “actively” participating as if listening and watching must be only “passive”. 

Younger people no longer have that baggage, happily.  They desire the good things of our Catholic inheritance.  They resist passé attempts to make Jesus “smaller”.  They want much more, as much as the Church can give.

Remember: this is not the fault of the Council itself.  If blame must be assigned it rests on the shoulders of those who misappropriated the Council’s authority to sustain their own ideas." 


do check it out.  it may be on a back page by now as there have been posts today.
You have to go way down to the bottom of the page, but it is worth it!

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