US News Says Catholics Want Sisters to Speak Out More
After asking the question, as to whether sisters need to speak out more, it got a result from a scanty population of 250 Catholics. What we get is a barely concealed bias rather than a conclusive appraisal of Catholics appreciation for the Bishops' authority.

In any event, perhaps the Sisters should speak out more. The more they speak, the more the laity should become aware just how far Dysfunctional Catholic Women Religious have become.

    "The survey of 250 Catholics has a margin of error of plus or minus 6 percentage points. Key findings..."
My guess is they are each as dysfunctional as the other, 54% remain in the Obama camp. Can you say shibboleth ?
Those are not 'sisters'.  In fact, I think one might be my aunt.  In fact, US Snooze is a worthless rag sheet that is losing more readership by the day.  gg
I say we get them to speak out more. Bust them on the rack to find out why they act this way then mercifully burn them at the stake.
250?  That is it  How silly of a poll.  Sigh
Remove their ties to the institutional Church. Then they can speak out all they want. In their own names....

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