A Eucharistic Miracle in Michigan
I inquired of the parishioner that I know for an update and this is what he sent. At this time, I do not know anything more.  But, yes, I have heard of the holiness of the priest as well.

A couple of days after the miracle, one of the parishioners mentioned that Father asked that the we not ‘advertise’ what when on at the church.  However, this past Sunday, he had a couple of 12x10 photos of the Eucharist on the side altars and mentioned it to the parish members.  I did take a picture and will e mail it when I get the disc from my wife’s camera.

I have not directly discussed this with Father as I am sure he was inundated with questions.  Not sure where the actual Host is located.  It wasn’t in the tabernacle in the church nor in the adoration chapel.  Hopefully I can talk with father during a quiet moment during the next couple of weeks.

A friend of mine got to see this.  He has pictures, actually, I'll have to ask if I can show them.

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