I would really like to know your opinion on a website a friend gave me
haha,thanks,but ummm....these two links are not to the "Flawed diamonds" website.No,these are links to a total opposite side,a Novus-Ordoist who makes claims against the consistancy of the SSPX,I only mentioned the flawed diamonds because that would actually be the polar opposite.

the Novus Ordoist website (Upper two links) is what my friend gave me,regarding the SSPX,I want to know how much actually holds true and doesn't.As I have said many times.I am not smart.I need other people's help
The writers of this website born into and were raised in the traditional Church. For them the primacy of the actual Magisterium is undeniable part of the tradition.

It is notable that those who oppose them argue with the external quality of the website, with their feelings about that, and do not bother themselves to consider the traditional principles : there are only two compasses related to the supernatural: the Magisterium and the conscience.

The tradition is good, but only the full tradition which leads to the acceptance of all priciples of the faith and as outside sign the unity. More than half of the 2 million people who adhere to the tradition in the Liturgy belong to this category. The FSSP, Institute of Christ etc are united with the Church and among themselves. 

The minority who feel free to reject parts of the full tradition is disunited not only from the Church but among themselves too.  They are traditionalist and notably most of them are either new converts or born into families who alredy rejected the actual supremacy of the Magisterium, so without the fulness of the Catholic tradition.

(06-14-2010, 07:23 PM)St.Ambrose Wrote: I don't really know much,so a good help would be much appreciated.



I am also reading the "Most Holy Family Monastery" article on the SSPX,and it kinda makes it sound quite inconsistant.but I do really like them.
I have been told not to rack my brain on non-essentials,from a very smart friend
but I think the validy of the SSPX is quite essential

Please look at the two links and give your feedback

god bless,
Servus,  what specifically is ridiculous about 'traditio'?  gg
(06-15-2010, 10:07 AM)Gizmo Wrote: Servus,  what specifically is ridiculous about 'traditio'?  gg


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