Capucchino Mousse Trifle for St. Pio's Canonization Anniversary

Padre Pio was canonized on 16 June 2002 so this dessert is suggested for the day, which is also the memorial of the Capuchin Martyrs of the Concentration Camps, beatified in June 1999.  Neither are on the traditional Church calendar, of course, but most traditional Catholics seem to think Padre Pio is a saint and not many question the beatification of those who were martyrs for the faith, Capuchins or not.

With June 16 being linked to the Capuchin martyrs and Padre Pio, Capucchino Mousse Trifle and a Capucchino Mousse are today's recipes at Catholic Cuisine.

The Capucchino Mousse Trifle looks great, as trifles in glass trifle dishes do, and from the recipe i think it would be pretty good, even though it uses pudding mix and other "cheats."

The blogger says it's not as good as tiramisu, which i'm sure is true, but is easier.  worth a try, i think. 

N.B.  recipes for all of June are on this page, so scroll down until you find what you want and click on it to go to the page with the recipe and more details.  you'll see a lot about St. Anthony (June 13) which i had hoped to post in time, including recipes that are not desserts.  Buon appetito!
I'm sure Padre Pio would have condemned the modernist Protestant invention, pudding mix. Besides, a man of his ethnicity surely was accustomed to really good eats.

But mousse and trifle sound great!

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