Summer Desserts
I think we devoted a section to one of our food threads to this topic. I'm reviving it because I just made a cool, refreshing dessert that is pretty easy and won't heat up your kitchen a smidge.

Confetti Gelatin

This is my version of a Mexican dessert.

Night before: Make fruit gelatin. You can use any kind of boxed Jell-o you please, but I wanted something more natural and less sugary, so I basically made a cup of limeade with the lime juice I always keep in my fridge, then sprinkled two envelopes of gelatin over it and let it dissolve. Refrigerated it overnight.
Next day: I mixed half a cup of sugar into three cups of milk and boiled it in the microwave. (Actually I used part low-fat milk and part heavy cream to get something approximating whole milk, but I don't see why you couldn't use low-fat milk or half-and-half to make it either lighter or richer.) In the meantime I sprinkled three envelopes of gelatin over a half cup of milk, mixed it in with the boiled milk and added vanilla. When this mixture had cooled to room temperature, I took the lime gelatin, now cut into bite-sized cubes, and poured them in. Mixed it all around and stuck it in the fridge for three hours. It is a pretty dessert, light and pleasant and not too sweet.
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