Looking for trads in South Carolina
I assume you mean St. Anne's here in Rock Hill? We did belong to St. Anne's, but we moved to St. Michael's in Gastonia. We got really disillusioned with St. Anne's and the Oratory for a variety of reasons. I would be extremely surprised if there was a TLM offered at St. Anne's, especially since it is very much under the Oratory's liberal influence.
I have to agree with the Oratorians comment. I do not see any willingness to consider a TLM, but since they control all parishes in York county we do not have any choice, except to drive out of area as you do. That is why I am attempting to garner support and request a TLM from the Bishop. I am trying to figure out the most effective way of communicating with Catholics in all of the York County parishes to see how much interest there is, but short of placing an add in each parishes bulletin I do not know of any way to accomplish this.
Greetings. :)

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