Do you feel miracles happen less now?
(08-15-2010, 08:23 PM)The Catholic Thinker Wrote:
(08-03-2010, 04:58 PM)INPEFESS Wrote: The sacrifice of the Mass is a miracle that happens everyday. The accidents of the bread and wine are only sensations which obscure the miracle from our eyes. But these things do not at all prevent the miracle from taking place. If not seeable to the eyes, the miracle is very much seeable to the soul, which, to those who have sensed it, is more a confirmation of Christ's existence under the sacramental veils than anything that sends electrical impulses to the brain. In this sense, the soul's response to the miracle is more reliable than those temporal mediums which tend to deceive, err, and be falsely stimulated.

Those Catholics who are devoted to the Blessed Sacrament - that is, devoted to Christ substantial presence under the sacramental veils - know the graces which make Christ's presence in the Eucharist easily discernable to the soul.

Christ is a friend Whose presence never becomes wearisome.



Beautifully put.


Approved and investigate miracles? No. I think there are more now.

I agee, yet I'm confused with the following posts which speak of a miracle as being something other than exactly that.  If you have read on the miracles of Fatima and Zeitoun and other places Our Lady has left a mark. Then I believe you entered into understanding the gravity of such an event. I assure you reading, witnessing, and being the recipient of a miracle are all different perspectives.

A perfect example is Pope John Paul II.  After he was wounded with a GSW, his consiousness and awareness of Miracles changed greatly at that moment.  From that point his life was indeed changed and affected and he could not speak enough on the Blessed Mother after this incident. And this my brothers and sisters is what happens to all who are profoundly touched by a Miracle. Miracles are as real as the typing on this paper. 

Fatima and Zeitoun are apparitions witnessed by thousands of all religion including atheists. Both were cofirmed by Miracles. No-one who "witnessed" either event has came foward to deny the reality of them. On the contrary Muslims changed their faith immediatly as well as atheists, and those touched by the miracles were profoundly affected for life. Then when other confirmed apparitions such as Akita confirm the message of Fatima? Pretty amazing if you ask me.

That said I also understand the reluctance to believe when for one, something of this gravity has never touched your life, and also when some of the unapproved apparitions witnessed by only one individual leave a negative taste in many. Especially when the message left by the Blessed Mother doesn't seem to coincide with her other message's.  Mother Mary pretty much remains intact in her quest and words to the faithfull. I also have a skeptical outlook on a couple of the apparitions. Yet I also believe I must reserve judgement in the spirit of reverence for the Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

As far as Miracles and Apparitions together happening less?  Difficult to accurately speak on this. As I stated, I firmly agree with the above, yet at this point we can only go by whats known and confirmed. Other than that we would taking Marys words and trying to prophesis ourselves.

(06-30-2010, 06:45 PM)ImpyTerwilliger Wrote: Maybe not.  After all, I'm reading this!

Exactly! Every created thing is an eternal miracle. God must sustain us in existence at every moment or we would not exist.

Don't fall into the Masonic deception! God is not just personal but essential to existence. God is Is, or God is Subsistence.

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