Diocese of Beaumont, Texas and outlying areas
My husband and two other gentlemen are endeavoring to confront Bishop Guillory's resistance to Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum.  That, and I'm transitioning to stay-at-home-wifehood.  We are in desperate need of local friends who support our faith and convictions.

But most of all, we need petition-signers.  Even if you're not completely sold on traditional Catholicism, please consider contacting me so that you can sign our petition to Bishop Guillory to establish a regular diocesan extraordinary form Mass.  Catholics are particularly in crisis in this area because from what I understand, Bishop Guillory is encouraging an atmosphere that is against the supremacy of the Pope and encourages priests in the diocese to go directly against Catholic teachings.  Of course, I only have rumors to base my assertions, but some of the Masses I have seen in this area seem to verify it.

At the very least, we want to get an Extraordinary Form started in the area, so that more people can be exposed to the graces that flow from it.  Please respond if you are near Beaumont, TX!  Thanks!

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