US Constitution from a Catholic perspective.
Can someone explain to me how one should look at the US Constitution from a Catholic perspective? What are it's deficiencies? I'd love any help.
Main defficiency is that we are not a confessional Catholic State.  Read Pope Leo XIII on it.  He has a letter and an encyclical. Longinqua oceani and Testem benevolentiae  are worth reading.

The tenth amendment fits in real well with the Church teaching on subsidiarity.  The second amendment, well what can I say, sheer genius.
The biggest strength of the Constitution is that although the Federal Government will not and cannot declare an official national religion, the individual states can. So Catholics, having the freedom to live their Faith publicly and without encumbrance, could potentially grow strong enough in a state, or states, that they could make Catholicism the official religion. This is of course in theory only, as the Constitution is more or less a dead letter now anyway, and besides which, none of our girly Bishops would stand for such a brash expression of the Faith anyway.
I think the US Constitution's recognition that man has certain God-given rights (i.e., as opposed to those merely permitted by the State) is probably the element most congruent with Catholic teaching.

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