Serious gripes and warnings about scenes in England
Rather than go on and on about American Catholics who deeply disturb me with their confusing fads and innovations (eg Rosalind Moss, Benedict Groeschel , Jimmy Akin , Stan Fortuna and so on), I thought I should warn people that priests from a supposedly traditionalist institution are now actually preaching fascist ideology from pulpits in place of the gospel. There is also a traditionalist order of monks and nuns who seem to have done nothing except contaminate our Tridentine society with exaggerations about Mary's role in Redemption. When these are preached, they effectively negate the gospel and turn our religion into something else. These monks unceasingly hand out quite hideous tracts about this doctrine to people who go on pilgrimage with us and they invite people to conferences where the peculiar atmosphere makes one think that this total exaggeration is standard Catholic belief.! My heart has grown heavy with hearing about this fantastically drawn delusion and yet there are now people who still call themselves Catholic who think its acceptance is linked to the Second Coming.! It is a flat disgrace and I would say it is the Devil's work. The fascism inside these priests is simply their own deviancy. They think they can get away with things ,unobserved by non-traditionalists. I have informed my Archbishop and I have told my Latin Mass group that if they let this continue, they face damnation. There is no kinder way of putting it. It's no longer a joke when such lunatics write about anniversaries of Hitler on their websites and sell you books on how to overthrow government.
Some detailed info (website) would be helpful, but quite probably they are either agents or the proof that Jesus Christ was right to set his Church under the control of the Magisterium
You do know that most fascist organizations in pre-WWII Europe were Catholic and that Nazi Germany was more of an odd deviation from fascism than the epitome of it?

For crying out loud, already.
These fascistic priests are ordained in a recently established ecclesiastical institution...they preach homilies during Tridentine Mass heard in churches open for the purpose. The parish priests of such churches hardly know what they are allowing such visitors to preach. Books about anti--social subversion are sold by traditionalist firms and advertised in the Tridentine magazines sent through the mail.
The exaggerated ideas about Our Blessed Mother now inspire a religious order who have muscled in and started organising the pilgrimages of our Tridentine group. They verge on gospel-negating heresy and they have never been ratified or endorsed by the Church. These priests and people act up as if they have been and I feel this is a sin to do so in a sacred place.It's elevating opinions above doctrine about Mary. The constitution these monks live by is an almost obscene parody of religious life. It was such a destructive document I threw it away. The exaggerated ideas about Mary were on every second page and had even contaminated their version of rosary.
If you reported it to the Archbishop and told to your own group, that is all what you can do. Heresies were always present and will be always present, and more exciting the the solid faith.

Probably neither the Archbishop has enough power to stop them. Such people always claim that they defend the truth. Suspension, excommunication lots the power in our world

(07-01-2010, 08:50 AM)glgas Wrote: Heresies were always present and will be always present, and more exciting the the solid faith.

Glgas, that may just be the wisest thing you've ever said...
Back on topic - Appolonius, it'd help if you provided evidence of this group's teachings.
(07-01-2010, 11:19 AM)firenexttime Wrote: Back on topic - Appolonius, it'd help if you provided evidence of this group's teachings.

I'd certainly like to see some evidence.
This thread looks suspicious.  What exactly is this group stating about Mary?  That she's our co-redemptrix?  That she was assumed bodily into heaven?  That she is a perpetual virgin?
Yes- I would refer you to the constitution of the Friars of the Immaculate. You may find as I did that it is soaked with an exaggerated view of Mary's role in Redemption. From The States these friars mail heavy duty luxuriously made literature, that is all about one and the same thing...a type of metamorphosed Catholicism that honours Mary excessively and in the place of Christ. At our pilgrimages, they handed out leaflets inviting people to take part in conferences about this view of Mary and the tone of both the conferences and the documents were as if ratification of this had already occurred. When I wrote protesting to the abbey where the conference had taken place, I was given an entirely false address allegedly to deal with enquiries. Can I also say that the Friars of the Immaculate in Peckham England even sent another garish tome and a letter that persisted with their false notion that Catholics already believe in this !? It's almost schizoid behaviour on their part. You cannot transport the Mother of God into fantasy theology-yet these people do and will at virtually every minute of the day.Lies about Christ's mother are the height of sinful evil...these people seem to delight in them and they dishonour also the very faith from which they emerge.In fact this is a final insult both to anyone who wishes for her prayers now and at the hour of death and insulting to her divine Son who alone can save us. It's like a lot of other stuff..the product of an insanely theological mind that loses sight of the gospel's priorities. Wake up from this dream world !

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