Are you a homophobe?
Is sexual perversion ineluctably interlinked with dogmatic error, and is the interlinkage bi-directional?
creimann Wrote:Is sexual perversion ineluctably interlinked with dogmatic error, and is the interlinkage bi-directional?
All who persist in perversion to the degree of habitual sodomy, will, after a time, fall into disbelief (dogmatic error); if they did not do so before reaching such a sad state.  Many do not approach that point, yet still fall into disbelief.
Some who are in willful error on dogmatic issues might not necessarily fall into such serious perversion of the flesh.  
The two are often linked hand-in-glove, but not always, especially if a man is not naturally given to sensuality (due to temperament, etc.), and if he has reached an age where the flesh is less "demanding", before falling into his errors (although the flesh will, at times, "call out" to us until we are dead). 
Pride, in youth, often shows itself in sins of the flesh.  After a time, though, it is human respect (the desire for honor and glory) that manifests our pride most clearly. 
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I think that it is far more of an issue for men because there seem to be more gays than lesbians.
Also, if I had young sons, I think my homophobic score would become a lot higher.

Hate the sin, not the sinner, is what I've been told about homosexuals.  If this thing says I have an irrational fear of homosexuals it is flawed.  Like so many "tests" out there they keep Jesus out of the equation.  I can't wait til the return of Christendom!  Let's see them keep Our Lord out of life's equations now!


lol, whose in for a parade?

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I passed![Image: cheerleader.gif]
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       As far as I know, the word, "homophobic," does not even exist as a proper word in the context which it is used in this forum. If it is, then it is a very newly invented meaning. The only dictionary definitions I have seen for, "homophobic," is a fear of change. now says it is, "Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men." Fear? No. Contempt? Yeah, I will give you that one. Unfortunately, sodomite leaders have been so good at selling their sin, they drive out all hope that this sin can ever be escaped by the participant. As a result, many of the rake and file sodomites feel homosexuality is as much a part of them as having organs is.
don't need to take the test. Already know the answer.

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