Pope Benedict: Obsessed with Celestine V??
Time to bump this thread again? Now it's Pope Francis who seems fascinated with Pope St. Celestine V.
He has just declared a "Celestine Jubilee Year".
"Like Francis of Assisi, Pietro del Morrone knew well the society of his time, with its great poverties. Both were very close to the people. They had the same compassion of Jesus for the many exhausted and oppressed persons. However, they did not limit themselves to dispense good advice or pious consolations. First of all was the fact they made a choice of a life against the current, they chose to entrust themselves to the Providence of the Father, not only as personal ascesis, but as prophetic testimony of a Paternity and a fraternity which are the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And it always strikes me that with their strong compassion for the people, these Saints felt the need to give the people the greatest thing: the Father’s mercy, forgiveness. “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” In these words of the Our Father is a whole plan of life, based on mercy. Mercy, indulgence, the remission of debts, is not just something devotional, intimate, a spiritual palliative. No! It is the prophecy of a new world, in which the goods of the earth and of work are fairly distributed and no one is deprived of the necessary, because solidarity and sharing are the concrete consequence of fraternity.

See, then, the meaning of a new citizenship, which we feel strongly here, in this Square in front of the Cathedral, where we speak of the memory of Saint Pietro del Morrone, Celestine V. See the very timely meaning of the Celestine Jubilee Year, which I declare open from this moment, and during which the door of Divine Mercy will be open wide for all. It is not a flight, it is not an evasion of reality and its problems; it is the answer that comes from the Gospel: love as force of purification of consciences, force of renewal of social relations, force of planning for a different economy, which puts the person, work and family at the center rather than money and profit."
Is another papal resignation brewing?

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