Pope Benedict: Obsessed with Celestine V??
While I wouldn't be surprised if he resigns at some point, I don't think this is as related to such plans as Benedict's visits may have been.

Benedict proclaimed a Celestine year in 2009 for the 800th anniversary of his birth, as an extension of the famous "Celestine Pardon."  The "Celestine Pardon" is a special annual indulgence issued by St. Celestine in 1294 for the basilica in L'Aquila and which has been celebrated there every year since.  It is generally seen as a precursor to the practice of jubilee years.  For example, the rites surrounding the Celestine Pardon is where we get the traditional jubilee practice of "opening the doors," that Pope Francis references. 

From what I can tell, continuing the practice of extending the Celestine Pardon (both geographically and timewise) by proclaiming another "Celestine Year" is more about the Pope's focus on mercy, rather than anything to do with Celestine's abdication.

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