Pope Benedict: Obsessed with Celestine V??
(07-02-2010, 07:35 PM)Cetil Wrote: Regarding Benedict XVI's two trips to the same spot, Moynihan observed: "I am not suggesting Pope Benedict XVI is thinking of following in the footsteps of the saintly Pope Celestine and resigning.  "I am suggesting that the studious Pope Benedict and the studious monk-Pope are 'connected' in a mysterious way."

Pope Benedict - when he was Cardinal Ratzinger - repeatedly said he would like to retire to a Bavarian village and dedicate himself to writing, but he told friends he was ready to accept God's Will in all things.  So when Pope John Paul II asked him to stay in Rome, he saw it as "God's Will" and stayed. 

Perhaps he just identifies with the saint's desire to spend his old age in seclusion and peace.  I bet Ratzinger envisioned the twilight of his life simply surrounded by his books, his music, his cats, and his God.

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