Pope Benedict: Obsessed with Celestine V??
(07-04-2010, 03:46 PM)glgas Wrote: Just as a fact.

Pope Benedict learned a lot about the Liturgy from Romano Guardini (Italiian priest 1885-1968) This Guardini wrote a wonderful book: The letters of Pope Celestine VI  about the crisis of the Catholic Church in the beginning of the 20th Century.

Otherwise apparently the cript itself was damaged by the earthquake


great photos there of St. Celestine V's mummified remains, in beautiful vestments with mitre, of course, in a glass casket.  Benedict XVI is shown placing his pallium on the casket and then walking beside it.

thanks for posting that link, gigas.  have you read Fr. Romano Guardini's book about Celestine's letters?
it's not available at amazon unless it's one of the German titles.  they stock four pages of his books, i'd guess three or four dozen titles, and about half were in German.  i'll see if i can get it in English through interlibrary loan.

being mummified, i suppose St. Celestine must be considered an incorruptible.  he looks very small to me.  i thought his leg bones might be missing but he seems to be wearing shoes, and being mummified he should be in one piece.  compare him to the current Holy Father and St. Celestine seems to be only as tall as from Benedict's knees to his head.  of course people used to be smaller, generally speaking, and i suppose natural mummification may shrink the body after death.  

i am interested in learning more about this saint, who spent his whole life trying to find solitude and kept being followed by people who wanted to learn holiness from him, much like St. Benedict and other holy hermits.  i am really glad to have learned we are in a Celestine Year; before it ends on August 29, i want to learn more about him and his importance to Fr. Guardini and to the Holy Father.  i guess i'm becoming 'obsessed' with Celestine V.

thank you for starting this thread, Cetil.  


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