Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
I'm a lazy obsessive compulsive.  ;D I do have little ticks that would make me obsessive compulsive. When I clean my house, I have to make sure everything is in it's right position. I also tend to say 'hello' twice when I greet someone.
When I was 11-12-years-old boy I've suffered by classical form of OCD - irrational fear of "dirt" and repetitive washing hands. I overcame this by "contradiction method" - if I wanted to wash my hands I touched "dirty" (in my mind) things and it helped me with my struggle.
Other situation with obsessions or Intrusive thoughts, I still sick of them, I can't overcome this, can't "fight off" this, sometimes it's goes away, but then comes back again, also it's constantly changing, it has two attributes:
a) It must be unpleasant for me
b) It must be Intrusive, I can "fight off" it from my mind.
My psychiatrist prescribed me medications, but it works slowly, this disorder often disturbs my prayer…
This is an old post.  I'm doing much better now.  Found a really good Catholic therapist and also a good priest to work with on these issues.  Don't really want to talk about it very much right now, because it's under control so no need digging up old garbage.

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