Holy Father Says Old Mass Privately Says Bishop Fellay
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Quote:Indeed the Bishop sees also that there are a great number of Prelates in the Curia who are well-disposed to the Society Pius X. In the Cathedral of St. Peter's there are 20 old Masses celebrated daily.

that sounds terrific!

An acquaintance of mine who has been studying in Rome said that at the FSSP's church there, there is a lot of traffic from priests from throughout Rome, coming to say private Masses on their side altars.  They come there so they won't be seen by their peers or superiors, I suppose.

Are they embarrassed or are they not allowed to say Mass?

I think as is the case with diocesan priests I've known who are interested in the EF Mass, they realize some clergy who are opposed to the EF will automatically form prejudices against them if they found out they were saying the EF Mass.  Their superiors might even try to make their lives a living hell, as a result.

That's ugly!
Thin lizzie liberal priests who like to gay stuff up react to traditional things, sacramentals and piety like the vampires they are.
[Image: 2804960041_c55cda1fd2_o1.png]

Let's pray that our Holy Father will offer the Tridentine Mass in public and after that often.
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[Image: 2804960041_c55cda1fd2_o1.png]

Let's pray that our Holy Father will offer the Tridentine Mass in public and after that often.

That's a great image of the four ends of Holy Mass (and prayer).  Where did you find it?
I Forgot.

Would you tell me what the words mean?
If you want to see Bishop Fellay's talk, you'll have to sign up for the video sharing sertvice, sorry.  I'm assuming it's in Portuguese anyway.
We fixed the error in the first paragraph sorry about the confusion. Here’d the new link. If anyone wants to watch the speech, you have to sign up for the service. Will keep you updated. http://eponymousflower.blogspot.com/2010...ishop.html
(07-16-2010, 02:20 PM)ggreg Wrote: To save me listening does +Fellay say that the Holy Father told him this himself or does it appear more likely that Bishop Fellay is simply repeating the unsubstantiated rumor that has been circling round for years?

Many speakers over here used to quote him, that thew new mass is fabricated and banal. If that is true (I never saw that quote in context) then is it not enough substantiation that he says his private masses in the Extraordinary form, outside of statements like this

Here's Cardinal Ratzinger's words;

    Pope Benedict XVI has voiced his own reservations about the New Mass of Paul VI. Years ago, then-Cardinal Ratzinger lamented that he had hoped the liturgical reforms of Vatican II would draw from the riches of liturgical tradition, instead, he said, we “can only stand, deeply sorrowing, before the ruins of the very things that (we) were concerned for.”

      Of the New Mass, Cardinal Ratzinger said, “in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We abandoned the organic, living process of growth and development over the centuries and replaced it — as in a manufacturing process — with a fabrication, a banal on-the-spot product.”


That's where I found it but I've seen it in lots of places.
Yea, thx for quoting that, it's not like it hasn't been around for years, written in his own hand for anyone to see...

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