Is Mel Gibson the target or "the Passion of the Christ"?
Is ggreg a roman catholic?
(07-18-2010, 01:19 PM)anamchara Wrote: Rich and Schmuley really play up Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic rant in his 2006 drunk driving arrest.  This supposedly betrays his true colors.  They never consider the possibility the campaign they and others--by no means all Jews but more that a fair share--waged again The Passion of the Christ before it was even released may have had something to do with Gibson's outburst.  No, no, no!  Gibson's the evil one; anti-Christianist Jews are forever the innocent victims.     
Truth be known, it's probably all George Bush's fault. :laughing:
(07-19-2010, 02:52 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Is ggreg a roman catholic?

From my perspective yes.  Though I am watching the situation closely.

However, I suspect that both you and Damian Thompson might disagree if we discussed various topics, since the visible Church is so compromised and wishy-washy that it is hard to define what a Catholic is or isn't anymore.  My grandfather's generation would, I believe judge me to be a Roman Catholic and I think the best of them would be shocked and marginalised by what has happened in the past 50 years.

Suffice it to say that if Ted Kennedy and Pelosi can still be considered Catholics in good standing, then I am not particularly worried about being "excommunicated" by anyone on this forum.
(07-19-2010, 01:01 PM)Gerard Wrote:
(07-19-2010, 12:29 PM)ggreg Wrote: Hit piece by Damian Thomson of the Telegraph.

Does Damian Thomson profess to be a Catholic?  I wonder if he and Gibson were on Jeopardy together and had a category on "Things you must believe to be a Catholic"  who would win or would they both agree on all points? 

Damian Thomson is a conservative catholic.  A neo-con of the Catholic world.

Hence the derision for anything to the right of him because there is nothing a neo-con likes less than being made to look like a lukewarm fence sitter.
No one has asked the obvious question. If the tapes are fake then why wouldn't Gibson be out claiming so to the press since day one?
A few reasons
first things like these tapes wouldn't be completely fake ie they re doctored nor forgeries
Mel as been shown clearly lost his mind and control so when got legal advice regarding them he was probibly told not to claim anything cuz no one would belive him anyway. When he regained a little control good legal advice probibly told him to shut up, say nothing  go away someplace let third and forth party experts take a listin to e tapes
which seems to be what occured
in situations like this the best thong to do is shut up weather the storm and let your lake teAm peivate investigators and experts handle it
so if Mel would of spoken more he would be being judged more
now that he has shut up (thank god) he is being judged on not talkin lol
talk about a catch 22

And don't forget the long-running efforts made to portray him as a "whacky" conspiracy-theorist.  If he is genuinely set up, (say, by someone slipping booze into his drinks over a period of time,  spying on him and waiting for him to fall off the wagon, have him stopped by a jewish cop who eggs him on)  nobody would believe it.  If he then says that  the tapes have been doctored, it just feeds the people who control the narrative about him.  Better to be silent about it and let God control the justice of the situation for those things beyond human control.

(07-20-2010, 08:02 AM)Walty Wrote: No one has asked the obvious question. If the tapes are fake then why wouldn't Gibson be out claiming so to the press since day one?

A very good point. The moment the Gibson side heard there were tapes they rushed to court to get an order sealing the tapes. That by itself lends some credibility to them. I don't however rule out the possibility that they were edited in some way. But the important thing to remember is that this is a "developing story" and until the courts and the police are done with the evidence we won't have a clear picture really. I've tried to follow this thing but it's mostly being reported on what I consider "tabloid sites" so I think it's best for everyone to take a time out on this one. No one who is involved as a potential witness, i.e., the dentist, Oksana's son, etc. has made a formal statement of any kind. I don't think they can except to official investigators so the point is moot. Wait for the court dates to come.

It appears the angelic victim the whore here ist as clean as some think as now she is being investigated for extortion
interesting one of thought from walty here and citle
yes mels side went to get the court to block the tapes that was a prudent move though it didn't work
all that implies is he has ok legal advice, what exactly is te ppm with asking a court to block the release of secretly recorded tapes of conversations he didn't know were being recorded?
Pls do tell

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