Is Mel Gibson the target or "the Passion of the Christ"?
(07-18-2010, 11:02 AM)ggreg Wrote: I see so when you said Oksana's son says he never saw any violence between the two of them.  You actually meant that he never SAW any violence between the two of them; but he did HEAR an argument.

You should have been a lawyer.

Well, to bring this tangent back to the original point of the thread, people are making accusations that they can't back up.  The rumors and accusations have been going around that Alexander/Sasha was a witness to the alleged violence.  Now, between the doubts raised by the dental evidence, the manipulated recordings, her own dentist, her own son it seems that the accusations are as meaningless as the assertions that the "Passion of the Christ" is anti-semitic. 

Frank Rich and Rabbi Schmuley can say all they want about the movie being anti-semitic but the witnesses of the film (anybody with eyes and at least half a brain and some integrity) knows that those allegations are false. 


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