Is Mel Gibson the target or "the Passion of the Christ"?
Being investigated for extortion does not make you guilty of it. That's an open question as there are many open questions in this situation.  One question I have for Mel is if you have nothing to hide then why worry about some tapes? My main point is that there are no firm conclusions about anything yet, but LOTS of questions about BOTH of them.
Let the police investigate and the courts rule. That of course may not be perfect either. But at this stage there is just a lot of fur flying around and even the major media outlets are peddling rumors, i.e. they were all buzzing one morning that Mel was back with his wife and was moving to Australia. Then the Gibson camp issued a denial of that.
Both sides would do well to cool the name calling too. Objective investigations have to be conducted dispassionately, there's no other way.


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