Beautiful Video narrated by Bishop Sheen
How Mass was once celebrated with a beautiful narration by Bishop Sheen:

I love that beautiful hollow sound
The Servites at their best in 1941. I was baptised at one of their other Churches, The Church of the Assumption on Illinois and Wells Street by these priests in 1948. Alleluia.  My heart is remembering and there are tears in my eyes. This was before I was born and my father was almost in Africa with Patton at that time.

Father Tom Ferrazzi fought Cardinal Cody over the TLM until he was called back to Rome, and never heard from again. These priests ministered to the immigrant Italians and Irish of those days.I wish I could get in the way back machine.
It's one of my favourites as well. The dubbing for the ministers is kinda weird, though. You know, as if they were opera singers.

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