Look for more of this story in the news.
http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,5810355,00.html I would expect a strong response to this in the NY Times in the form of a series of tough, hand wringing articles and editorials. Right? Wait a second.......
Of course not. Apparently, this "bishop" is first rate. Unlike those male ones.

Quote:"I know that she is a woman of real integrity and that she has fought for certain things, in particular for the rights of woman, both within the church and outside it," said Simonis.
Quote:"Jepsen has always shown a clear understanding that the victims' needs come first," he said. "It shows that the Protestants are ready to accept responsibility for what has happened without trying to protect themselves."

1. If the she put the needs of the victims first, she would have done something about it in 1999.

2. Look at this person trying to put the attention back on the Catholic Church. Hurray ecumenism!

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